Meet Your Builder

About KEM Homes Construction, Inc.
Since 1974, KEM Homes Construction, Inc. has been providing Northern Colorado home buyers with distinctive homes featuring livable floor plans and quality craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking to custom build on your own property or are seeking the perfect new home in a planned development, KEM Homes can help make your dream come true.

Because every home we build directly reflects our name and reputation, we take extra steps to guarantee total customer satisfaction. The Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado acknowledged this commitment to quality and service when they chose KEM Homes as 1994 Builder of The Year.

Experienced Team

Bill Krug: President
President Bill Krug has been with KEM Homes from the day the company began. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Bill began designing and building homes soon after graduating from Colorado State University. Today, as in 1974, he continues to personally oversee the construction of each new home.

Your Guarantee
“You have my personal guarantee that your new KEM home will meet or exceed your expectations. If something’s not right, we will strive to make it right.” – Bill Krug, President

Bill Gurski: KEM Homes Superintendent

When he came to Fort Collins from North Virginia and the Washington D.C. area to go to CSU in the late 1970s, Bill Gurski had already worked a few construction jobs. When he decided to stay over the summer, he rode his bike around to job sites looking for work.

At a KEM Homes site, he found a little more than he might have bargained for. “I went from being a laborer until shortly after I graduated.” Gurski said. “I became a supervisor and just stuck with it. I’ve worked with KEM Homes ever since. It’s just been great and they’ve been very kind and generous towards me.” He originally didn’t plan to be a builder, but enjoys the independence and working outdoors in the field.

Bill Gurski became involved in the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Northern Colorado shortly after starting work for KEM Homes by attending meetings with his boss Bill Krug. In the early 1990s, he became more involved as a membership committee co-chair and then chair for three years. He’s been on the board as a vice president, and in 1998 as President. “That was big for me, taking a leadership role and it was a real source of pride,” Gurski said.

Bill has remained active in the HBA since, taking a major role through the HBA in local politics. Along with other HBA members, he worked on recent city council elections, helping to form the HBA’s stance on the election. “My dad was involved in local politics, and I probably get that from him,” Gurski said. He works with the HBA to “give something back to an industry that’s been very good to me. It’s fun to be involved with my equals in the industry, and it’s been a real pleasure to help out with something that’s put a roof over my head and food on the table.”

Bill came to Fort Collins for CSU but ended up staying because he fell in love with the area and with his wife, whom he met at CSU. Bill and his wife have been married over a quarter of a century. Bill fishes and hunts, and until recently spent his spare time as a beekeeper. He’s a season ticket holder for CSU football. He attributes his success to his boss, Bill Krug, and would like to thank the HBA. He believes that in more ways than one, builders “live in the houses that we build.”

Congratulations to Bill Gurski for being the 2005 HBA of Northern Colorado Builder of the Year!

Caroline Hornback, KEM Homes Designer
Caroline specializes in creating an optimal experience that results in the enhancement of one’s home and lifestyle. In making selections from exterior brick, stone, and paint colors to interior cabinets, counter tops, flooring, lighting, appliances, and hardware. She helps to ensure the perfect ambiance as well as convenience and functionality.

Caroline helps create an atmosphere that reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. She will assist you in designing your own home by helping you select from our extensive list of floor plans and then developing the interior design and theme to create the home you have always dreamed of.

Caroline graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Interior Design. She loves gardening and hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors with her husband, son, and dog.